COMES-v.03-prospekt-BatchCOMES Batch is the the basic tool for control over batch production processes. It includes production preparation - creating recipes, by technologist prepared sequence of production steps - phases in accordance with the internationl standards ANSI/ISA-S88. The recipe is stored in the Mater recipe library and when production is started the recipe is downloaded form the library as Control recipe that controls production of the batch technology.

Function of the COMES Batch includes:

  • production scheduling
  • starting recipe and control over the batch including dynamic production unit alocation
  • flexible production control of the batch
  • control over operations, phases and control steps of the technology including HMI interface (operator inputs values)
  • electronic signatures of the production steps and operator inputs


COMES Batch during the production process creates Electronic Batch Record (EBR), that can replace or help to paper form of the production records and documentation. With the help of the COMES Modeller module there are futher created Electronic batch protokols (BP).

All user changes of the module (recipe, formula, values, ...) are stored in the audit trail function the allows using in regulated industries (pharma, cosmetics, food, medical products).

Production and its preparation is supported with inbuilt functions such as flexible control over production (batch stopping, holding, releasing, aborting) status. 

COMES Batch uses also other COMES modules and their data, for example COMES Historian. It allows to display process values of the batch as trends, treated as an digital object included to the Electronic batch protocol. User can also add possible comments to the BP, checking process alarms with influence to the quality of the production etc.