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The automated production line of Kovosvit MAS was implemented for JK Tools. Compas team members worked on a project team with programmers from Kovosvit MAS, the general contractor of the new line.

COMES OEE komponenty v caseOn decision-making, managers of all levels need credible information about actual state of the production and the time period passed. Should they have the information they succeed in improving the production. Independent of human factor the automated data acquisition and production monitoring (as opposed to manually acquired data) represent objective evaluation of the production effectiveness. A suitable tool for determining the real-time results of the production and analysis of the causes of unsatisfactory values, is the COMES OEE app. (czech version).

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The COMES Logon and COMES Historian modules are used to collect, store, archive and analyze biochemical process quantities configured in trends and alarms. COMES Historian currently stores technological data of fermentation and isolation out of seven databases of the SIEMENS Simatic PCS7 process control system.

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Manufacturing Execution System COMES controls production starting with a takeover of production orders from ERP system SAP. It further supports operational planning and control of the production by shift leaders, assigning production series to individual machines, production reporting and communication of states of the orders to SAP system. A part of the MES COMES functionality is a control of the transportation of boxes towards a palletizer, the palletizer itself, correct labelling of boxes with barcode and rejection of boxes with nonconforming labels.

logo IREX-ENZYMAIn case of production management of regulated industries of food and beverages, COMES supports crucial aspects, such as productivity, quality, materials management and automated process traceability, production records and documentation. Considering the complexity of the processes and current pressure on the price of products a support for the quality IT solutions is very welcome.

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COMES applications can be used to measure consumption of energies which represents a significant part of the corporate costs. By using this application you will not only have the consumption of energies under control but you will also obtain a tool for minimizing it. Additionally you may relate the consumption to the production, series and batches so that you can better calculate real production costs.

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Traceability of the production protects both the consumer and the manufacturer. In food industry it is important to be able to find out about the cause of a possible poor quality of the product and/or withdraw it from the market, provided that it has already been distributed. In order to ensure the products’ quality and to meet CZ and EU legislature for traceability, the coffee and coffee blends manufacturer Mondeléz made use of COMES system along with COMES Logon, COMES Traceability and COMES Modeller modules.

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In case of production management of regulated industries as pharmacy, healthcare products and cosmetics, COMES supports crucial aspects, such as productivity, quality, production records and documentation. Considering the complexity of the processes a support for the quality IT solutions has been very welcome.

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Integrated Production Control of McBride

The project dealt with an electronic production control of brands such as Dermacol, Astrid, Lybar and other cosmetic products. It was a fully integrated IT system solution ranging from a transfer of production orders from ERP Helios system using the COMES MES functions to the integration of the solution into the Siemens control systems of the technology.

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The project implemented a short-term capacity scheduling of production by means of expansion of the installed production system COMES ® in the plant of Kraft Foods Valašské Meziříčí – a manufacturer of coffee and coffee blends.