In case of production management of regulated industries as pharmacy, healthcare products and cosmetics, COMES supports crucial aspects, such as productivity, quality, production records and documentation.

Considering the complexity of the processes a support for the quality IT solutions has been very welcome.

Coverage of processes of a company

COMES covers the entire range of production activities of a company e.g. within the following shops:

  • Raw materials receipt and storage
  • Production preparation, weighing and raw materials dosing
  • Production of substances, semi-finished products of intermediate products
  • Filling products
  • Packaging, group packaging and palletizing
  • Storage of finished products or transfer of data about the product origin to ERP/WMS

Functions covered by the existing systems can be left intact or can be linked to a concept of the Electronically Controlled of Production. The objective is to achieve an overall functionality of production management.

COMES supports all production processes from warehouses through weighing, material dosing, production of substances and materials, homogenization and products production, filling packaging incl. storage of products. It concerns processes such as:

  • Receipt and storage of raw materials and materials, tests and material status
  • Production planning, quality tests, maintenance
  • Product related information, recipes and bills of material, Production documentation (SOP)
  • Control over the production and its steps
  • Material management, material flow management, material monitoring, traceability
  • Carrying out planned quality tests
  • Electronic batch records (EBR) and saving test results
  • Working up production protocols, process of releasing products
  • Warehousing of finished products
  • Maintenance management (CMMS)

The above mentioned processes can be supported by COMES functions either selectively (puzzle system), or as a complex employment of COMES, which completes the ERP system in its all missing or unproductive functions for operational production and quality management and turns it into a very effective system. Fully equipped COMES application gives rise to a system of Electronically controlled production, which supports effectiveness of production processes of a company to the full.

Examples from practice


The solution succeeds only if it meets the needs of the company, of its production organization and management and the technologies installed. That is why the Electronically controlled production is preceded by a precise analysis of production processes and a proposal for a solution containing all necessary functions in a documented form. This proposal is talked through with the customer to make sure that the procedure and the stages of the implementation are agreed on. It proved feasible to achieve very short times of implementation and quick returns on investment, provided that there was a good cooperation between the production stuff of the client and the engineers of the supplier. A 6-month implementation time including the analysis, even in case of complex productions such as the batch production processes, is achievable.

An example of the Electronic production management is the implementation of Cosmetics production control.

The conception of the Electronically controlled production can be flexibly configured so that is suits also to different production procedures, other than those described here.

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