COMES Traceability ensures administration of materials, recipes of products produced and, most of all, automated process traceability. 
It traces material flow related data on the basis of which it serves to create a line of origin of each packaged coffee and coffee speciality batch, thus ensuring a full traceability – i.e. back-tracing of used materials (from final product to raw materials) and forward-tracing (from raw materials to final product). It is also possible to step through the database of stored data on the material flow and transformation (tracking and tracing).

The COMES Traceability module is closely linked to the Simatic PCS7 control system, to which it supplies necessary production process parameters (Coffee blending recipes, parameters …) and from which it receives archived technological values of individual production operations (e.g. archived roasting temperature, color and dampness of coffee) which are then added to material lots.

The COMES Modeller module is used to produce production protocols - both the detailed protocols of individual technological nodes (e.g. weighing on individual scales), and the balance protocols of individual silos, that can be processed retrospectively for any given time period, thanks to the history of the material flow being traced.

There are 70 users working with the COMES system. The system processes about 3000 events an hour that are stored in the traceability database.

Communication between COMES and Simatic PCS7 control system is ensured by redundant OPC like means.

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