Smart Digital factory

Compas is a manufacturer of the MES / MOM system COMES, which is used for digital control of production, logistics and maintenance. COMES is the core of the Compas Digital Factory solution, which also includes control of production equipment, uses wide system integration of 3 enterprise systems levels ERP - COMES - technology automation and provides the production team with the necessary information in real time. The Compas digital factory contains the principles and standards of Industry 4.0.


Manufacturing Execution System COMES has been used for operational management and monitoring of discrete manufacturing for more than 15 years in machining industry, automotive and other industries.





MES/MOM system COMES provides users with exceptional benefits thanks to its comprehensive Digital Batch Production Control and its documentation in the production of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, speciality chemicals and others.



Manufacturing Execution System COMES comprises functions for controlling, recording and evaluating materials and batch production of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, speciality chemicals and others.

COMES OEE tabletCOMES OEE application can be used to monitor plant production data that are used for calculation and optimization of the production effectiveness. Here are the links (czech version) and (Slovak version) where you can find out more about the measurement of the overall effectiveness of production facilities, lines and/or the production of the enterprise as a whole.

IMG 5236 Plastia-vstrikolisovnaAmong complex and sophisticated applications of COMES is planning and control of production within plastics moulding industry.


COMES applications can be used to measure consumption of energies which represent a significant part of the corporate costs. By using this application you will not only have the consumption of energies under control but you will also obtain a tool for minimizing it. Additionally you may relate the consumption to the production, series and batches so that you can better calculate real production costs.

COMES Maintenence uvodni obrazekCOMES Maintenance serves as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) integrated with other MES COMES modules.  Plant maintenace team can plan its activities, control repairs and document them and keep records on maintenance efficiency. COMES Maintenance provides service staff with documentation of assets on shop floor using mobile devices.
New version of the application is focused to lean and mobile oriented CMMS and can be offered to client as SAAS as Cloud applicaton.