COMES supports preparation of the production

The Batch production preparation is usually partially dealt with in the enterprise IT system (ERP), e.g. bills of material, individual product specifications, operation time standards and so on. The COMES system takes over thus created information (which may also be input by the user in COMES itself) and uses it for planning, management, quality assurance, monitoring and documenting the production.

The second part of production preparation is managed by COMES. COMES Batch module is used for production preparation in terms of production recipe creation, user-configurable sequence of production steps (phases) of a particular product including its formula. Thus created production recipe can then be used for batch production control, which has been scheduled for the production under an order.

COMES manages the Production orders

In terms of the order implementation COMES offers the following functions:

  • Scheduling of the production batches planning according to production orders (transferred from ERP)
  • Material management
  • Production Batches management and allocation of individual production units
  • Flexible recipe control of production batches
  • Creation of the documentation of production orders
  • Transfer of data related to the products, materials and energies consumed to the economic level (ERP)

Scheduling of orders

COMES provides an automatic production plan calculation, manual plan creation or just plan takeover in case it is to be create at ERP level. COMES APS application serves the purpose of the production scheduling.

Management of materials and traceability

COMES includes functions for receiving raw materials and warehouse management, managing products and their expedition. A part of the application is a mobile interface for warehouse operators (barcode reader with a display) who can process real-time data. Integrated material preparation functions together with internal logistics, support overall optimization of the enterprise in collaboration with its own production management. The functions also include production monitoring and product genealogy - fully automatic traceability.

COMES WMS, COMES Modeller modules and application serve the purpose and include:

  • Materials labeling systems (BC, QR, RFID)
  • Raw materials storage management
  • Local storage management on the shop floor
  • Intermediates and products warehouse management
  • Material logistics in production
  • Material tracking & tracing, creation of material genealogy of the product
  • Automatic or manual process traceability

Management of Batch production processes

COMES Batch in cooperation with the technology controllers is used to control processes. Standard applications and functions may be configured for control over:

  • Silos and big bags raw materials treatment plants
  • Weighing shops
  • Dosing of materials for the technology (manual or automatic)
  • The primary (process) part of the technology
  • The secondary (final) part of the technology – filling and packaging
  • Communication with ERP (economical IT level)

Batch quality control

The application COMES LAB is used. The solution includes standard applications and functions for:

  • Material specification
  • Planning the material test
  • Recording the results of tests
  • Creating the test documentation and making use of the monitoring of processes and reports in the COMES Historian
  • Control of calibration of instruments
  • Processing the results of quality tests using further functions – material status, control of batch production, releasing products
  • Data transfer to ERP/WMS

Production evaluation

During the course of production, COMES keeps on evaluating effectiveness and economical parameters. The following COMES OEE (the czech web) standard functions may be employed:

  • Monitoring of processing of orders
  • Downtimes management
  • Management of nonconformities
  • Computation of KPI´s (Key Production Indicators), e.g. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Measurement of materials consumption
  • Measurement of energies consumption

At the end of the production COMES reports on the results of the production order, produced amount of products and raw materials spent.

Benefits of COMES for Batch manufacturing management

MES/MOM system COMES, when used with full functionality, allows for a thorough digital control of batch manufacturing. It further serves to prepare and schedule the batch production, control raw materials and products warehouses, production logistics, to monitor the progress of orders, to control production processes (both manual, semi-automated and automated technologies) and integrate them with the process automation, to control quality, to create production documentation in the digital form including electronic signatures and monitoring of production costs, it allows the data to be transferred to economical IT systems. At the same time, COMES supports the maintenance team and controls service activities for technologies and their parts.

The users appreciate the up-to-date solution, the opportunity to be one step ahead of their competitors, a rapid return on investment and the support of the COMES manufacturer’s strong team.

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