CMMS COMES Maintenance includes following groups of functions

  • Simple configuration of classifiers and structure of assets
  • Scheduling of servis operations and its visualization in Gantt diagrams
  • Support the work of service staff in the field using mobile devices (tablet, smartphone)
  • Easy recording of repairs and used spare parts minimizing the administrative burden
  • Creating a knowledge base about maintenance and repairs, its subsequent use
  • Possibility of sophisticated preventive maintenance
  • Spare parts storages and their management
  • Acquisition, archiving and analysis of reports
  • Communication with external systems (control systems technologies, enterprise IT systems - ERP)
  • Maintenance statistics

Integration with other modules of the system COMES ®, for example COMES Historian and COMES OEE, will bring additional bonuses, eg .:

  • Automatic records of motor-hours or machine cycles to the card of assets using them to schedule preventive maintenance. Replacement of routine people activities of manual recording.
  • Option of automatic generation of requirements for maintenance and its escalation based on achieving the limit values of selected variables
  • Option of automatic generation of requirements for maintenance and escalation based on the selected types of downtimes classified in production monitoring system COMES OEE
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of maintenance work due to minimize equipment downtimes and the length of reaction time of maintenance staff

COMES Maintenance further brings minimum IT administration costs as application runs on the enterprise server and web architecture does not need to manage clients. Any IT support can be carried out remotely access the company's own employees or suppliers. The big advantage is the possibility of linking technology manufacturing execution system COMES with its comprehensive MES functionalities (eg. monitoring of production data and motor-hours , equipment downtime, failures registered in control systems technology as well as related applications for example attendance, WMS or ERP.

COMES users acquire with COMES Maintenance modern-oriented tool, which brings benefits of greater efficiency, savings, information and higher effectiveness of operations.

COMES system supports the philosophy of the new Industry 4.0 vision with use of intelligent devices and control systems and will  be further developed in direction Industry 4.0.

Applications COMES Maintenance brings minimal IT costs, administration, applications run on the server and enterprise through Web architecture does not need to manage your users. Any IT support can be carried out remotely access the company's own employees or suppliers. The big advantage is the possibility of linking technology manufacturing information system COMES with its comprehensive MES functionalities (eg. The collection of production data and moto-hours machinery, equipment downtime, failures registered in control systems technology) as well as related applications for example. Attendance, warehouses or ERP.

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