COMES Logon is the basic module of the system providing user management (access rights administration, login of users) and administration of COMES in whole. In the module can user create the plant module structure of assets (production equipment, units, machines, lines ...) in acc. with the international standard ANSI/ISA-S95. All configuration changes are stored in audit trail records. Modul serves to other COMES modules for its integration and their diagnostics.

COMES-v.03-prospekt-HistorianThe modul COMES Historian serves for process tags acquisition e.g. from sensors and control systems of a technology. The process tags and alarms are stored and archived in the COMES Historian that displays tags in form of trends and alarms in form of tables. Furthermore the COMES Historian presents data on-line or in historical interval that can by set by the user.

COMES-v.03-prospekt-ModellerCOMES Modeller serves for development of the new application or modification of the existing. So it ensures flexibility of the COMES system. The modul could by modified by the user using in-built development tools. The modul serves also for conversion data into information and modelling relations among data - so it is called Modeller. Modeller generates information flows and can define production workflow.

Princip Traceability materil ve vrobThe modul serves for materials tracking of the production (raw materials, intermediates and products as well as packaging materials and its data (batch number, amounts, ...). The COMES Traceability creates product genealogy.

The system monitors all material operations and material transformations into products . It serves for fully automated technologies as well as in semi-automated or manual production processes - in this case with inputs of data from code readers (BC, 2D, RFID).

COMES-v.03-prospekt-BatchCOMES Batch is the the basic tool for control over batch production processes. It includes production preparation - creating recipes, by technologist prepared sequence of production steps - phases in accordance with the internationl standards ANSI/ISA-S88. The recipe is stored in the Mater recipe library and when production is started the recipe is downloaded form the library as Control recipe that controls production of the batch technology.