O systemu COMESThe COMES system is a MES/MOM system for all industries. COMES can be used for production management and its further streamlining, in co-operation with the enterprise-wide IT system (ERP) and process automation systems.

COMES is a tool of the enterprise for optimum production management and maintenance, while supporting programs for their enhancement. It offers the opportunity to create a timeless concept of digitally controlled production. Owing to its web-based architecture it is very easy to obtain information anywhere and anytime even through the mobile devices, just by using the web browser.

COMES Architecture

COMES utilizes Microsoft® IT technology .NET, MS SQL database platforms and IIS.  COMES comprises web-based technologies and client-server architecture. The user interface is optimized for the Internet Explorer. There is no need of having to install any other software thus minimizing the IT administration. COMES can be offered to client as SAAS C4C - Comes for Cloud.

COMES is of a modular structure which can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. It consists of:


COMES Historian
COMES Modeller

COMES applications and libraries

COMES APS - detailed production scheduling
COMES OEE - production monitoring and KPI evaluation
COMES MOM - Manufacturing Operations Management in Industry 4.0 vision
COMES Discrete manufacturing
COMES Batch production
COMES Quality control
COMES Molding injection plant
COMES Test room control (i.e. hydraulics, or testing of final products)
COMES Maintenance – CMMS system for the plant maintenance management
COMES WMS - warehouse management
COMES CCI communication with IT systems (ERP, MIS) and technology (Control systems, Marking systems and others)

COMES Functions ®

Manufacturing Execution System COMES contains the following functions:

  • Production detailed scheduling (weekly, daily)
  • Production data monitoring (pieces, downtime, defects, status of production orders, ...), production real-time visualization and management
  • Production workforce/Human resources management
  • Recipes, programs and its administration
  • Materials labelling (Barcode, 2S, RFID)
  • Material management and logistics (specifications, BOM, operative inventory)
  • Process data acquisition, analysis and archiving, support for technological process optimization
  • Support for quality optimization
  • Production logging and balancing (shift protocols, consumption), statistics, KPI (OEE)
  • Production documentation, production reports, traceability
  • Communication to the corporate network and IT systems (ERP, MIS) and technology (control systems, labelling systems)
  • Maintenance management CMMS, EAM

Digitally Controlled Production

The solution is based on the COMES – automation system integration of the plant-wide ERP systems as well as data collection from intelligent devices in accordance with the new standards Industry 4.0. It supports teamwork while providing the team with all the information in electronic form on-line when the user needs it. The solution saves administrative activities of both the production operators and managers who can use the information about the production such as: plan of orders vs. real production status, technology status, production quality and failures, production KPI indicators and effectiveness (e.g. OEE) as well as a necessity for maintenance.

Among the benefits are production flexibility, productivity and effectiveness including waste minimization, support for production optimization and its regular quality. Last but not least, the electronic production documentation and expert features such as creation of the product development process traceability.

Thanks to its web-based architecture the COMES is easy to run within the enterprise server only, which cuts down on IT administration costs.

Digital production control allows for the information to be distributed throughout the production team and technological equipment such that the production is optimally controlled and the flexibility maintained with respect to changes in production or a production plan. At the same time the team’s management receives all the information during the production, so instead of collecting data, for example, in the form of paper statements and addressing the situation "ex post", the managers are kept informed in the form of data sets processed from electronic data.

ERP integration

COMPAS often communicates with various ERP systems, e.g. SAP, Helios, Karat, DC Concept QI, Dimenze, OR and others. COMES system can communicate with any ERP system installed at the customer’s on the basis of required communication method.

Standards and Norms

COMES is based on international standards  ANSI/ISA-95, ANSI/ISA-88 and meets requirements of regulatory bodies for the pharmacy and food production FDA, GMP, GAMP a 21CFR part11. COMES as well support the new standard Industry 4.0.

COMES Openness

COMES is an open system which the users can configure themselves thanks to its built-in developer tools (delivered free of charge under COMES module licenses) or by using the services of cooperating IT companies. The system manufacturer, the COMPAS Automatizace Ltd., have been looking for new system integrators whom we offer cooperation to.