COMES OEE tabletCOMES OEE application can be used to monitor plant production data that are used for calculation and optimization of the production effectiveness. Here are the links (czech version) and (Slovak version) where you can find out more about the measurement of the overall effectiveness of production facilities, lines and/or the production of the enterprise as a whole.

COMES OEE is the application of MES system COMES for evaluation of production lines effectiveness via key performance indicators - KPI. COMES OEE provides information with production team for continuous motivation of production staff for their best performance. At the same time COMES OEE is managers tool for production supervision and optimisation.
COMES OEE provides managers overview with plant production, downtime management and quality management. It calculates and displays the most important KPI statistics as OEE, shift protocols etc.

COMES OEE displays production statistics on COMES client terminal, that is web browser (Internet Explorer) in all plant PC´s as well as on some mobile devices as notebook or tablet for production analysis. For convenience the configuration allows colour signalizations in accordance with your OEE limit settings. Thus COMES can help as base for production supervision and tool for production continuous optimization.

COMES OEE is the standards application of MES COMES system that benefits from system modules COMES Logon and COMES Modeller. So it is possible to modify the application and add new functions upon the user request.
COMES OEE is based on modern MS IT platform (Windows and SQL servers, IIS web server with web client-IE). It high performance allows to evaluate tens to hundreds production lines in the real time. The client - server platform provides user with data protection. COMES OEE web architecture provides user with continuous access to data and real time production statistics anywhere on PC´s or mobile means as notebooks or tablets.
Thanks to COMES architecture the cost of the system administration is minimum.
COMES OEE can be provided as SAAS - COMES for Cloud (C4C).

COMES OEE application is, at the same time, a simple system of discrete production management, which allows you to assign orders to production technologies, collect production data, monitor results of orders, monitor downtimes and non-conforming products. It shows several statistics to display real-time actual production state, short or long-term history of production. The following article, Use of COMES OEE in Practice, which was written based on the experience of our clients with COMES OEE, may, inspire the managers and workers, to some extent. It deals with a use of a specific tool to increase operating profit in practice.


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