Smart Digital factory

Compas is a manufacturer of the MES / MOM system COMES, which is used for digital control of production, logistics and maintenance. COMES is the core of the Compas Digital Factory solution, which also includes control of production equipment, uses wide system integration of 3 enterprise systems levels ERP - COMES - technology automation and provides the production team with the necessary information in real time. The Compas digital factory contains the principles and standards of Industry 4.0.

The Objective of the Compas digital factory is to support the production team to achieve better results. The solution saves administration activities of production operators and managers, offers useful real-time production information such as, status of technology and equipment, production outcome, production quality, information on materials in the production or performance indicators and lines load (OEE).

The concept is applied depending on the nature of the production differently for:

Video with the demonstration of principles of flexible manufacturing on virtual technology where the manufacturing operations are controled by the product (by its specification):

An example of a reference in discrete production is the assembly process in automotive for the production of air conditioning units for passenger cars. The assembly line with 10 workplaces is able to produce different product variants at the same time. For the given workplace the semi-product is transfered by the conveyor within 3 sec. and during the transfer the COMES system automatically adjusts the workplace for the specified manufacturing operations.


The video showing a flexible batch production where production operations control the product (its recipe) in accordance with ISA 88. 

An example of a reference in batch production is the Digital Factory in Cosmetics.

Benefits of Electronic Production Managemen for the manufacturing facility

The benefits of the Electronic Production Control and Logistics concept in the Digital factory include high production flexibility, productivity and efficiency, including minimization of waste, quality support and synchronization of production and logistics. Benefits are achieved by the fact that the functions in our concept are interrelated on the basis of the use of experience from many applications, helping people to manage processes, production and logistics, maintenance and the whole factory.

The goals are identical with the Industry 4.0 initiative with advantage: our solution is available for implementation in praxis.

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